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The climate of berhampur is characterized by an equable temperature all through the year, with high humidity(As it is a costal city of India). The winter season starts from November to February is followed by hot season from March to June. The period from July to September marks the South West Monsoon and 70% of annual precipitation is received during this period. The normal rain fall of this district is 1444 mms. May is the hottest month. During this month the day temperature reaches approximately 43 degree Centigrade (Max.). With the arrival of the monsoon by about the third week of June the day temperature decreases slightly while the night temperature continue as it was in the summer. Towards the end of September, after the withdrawal of south west monsoon, temperature decreases progressively. December is the Coldest Month. During this month the day temperature touches 27 degree centigrade. The relative humidity are high throughout the year. Winds are fairly strong in summer and monsoon months.

The suitable time to visit "Indian Fight School" is between the months October to February.