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Travel Tips

In the following a few useful travel tips for those who always wanted to make the adventurous journey to IFS.
Trip to IFS

If you are traveling for the first time to India, then we recommend to fly to New Delhi / Kolkatta / Chennai / Mumbai. Then you can take a flight/train to Bhubaneswar - The State Capital of Odisha where the IFS is located.

From there you can start for Berhampur by Train or by Bus or By Taxi - which is around 170 Kms from the state capital. At the airport of Bhubaneswar thousands of taxi drivers will be happy to drive you anywhere. The communication should still be no big problem here because everyone knows and understands the word "Indian Fight School". The travel takes about 2-3 hours.

Approximate Price of travel from Bhubaneswar to IFS

Mode of Travel Amount (In Rs.)

The IFS is situated in the Silk City of Berhampur, which is located in the district of Ganjam of province Orissa of India. The capital of Orissa is Bhubaneswar and the Trade City Berhampur is situated 170kms south of Bhubaneswar. Regular Bus, Train & Taxi services are there from Bhubaneswar to Berhampur. The Indian Fight School is located in the middle of the city, which is approximately 4 Km's from Berhampur Railway Station, and 1.5Kms from Old Bus Stand. There are a lot of facilities for Loading and Boarding.

Important Accessories

Here are a few things, that you should carry while traveling to IFS:

* Dictionary (English - Odiya) or (English - Hindi)

* A Travel Guide of Odisha/Berhmapur (which you can obtain from Tourism Office which is situated in the Railway Stations and at Bus Stops)

* Little luggage (one backpack at maximum, because this makes traveling much more easier.)

* A camera (If you want to take pictures.)

Things you have to see / places you must visit

If you are staying in IFS then you visit the following places:


The India currency is called as Indian Rupees (Symbolically represented Rs.) 1 US$ = Rs. 48.00 (But this parameter is subjected to change with time)

Note: - Attention! While traveling in India some people may ask for money for a piece of good/service. So before purchasing/using any product/service, make sure about the price.